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One Direction live in Concert

Bonjour Beauties!

Today I'm writing a post that I wanted to actually post a little bit sooner but I didn't really have enough time to do so...
About two weeks ago I was in Munich and I got to see One Direction's concert there.

When we arrived at the stadium it wasn't really that packed anymore because we were late and everyone was already inside.
(I really started to panick about us missing a part of the show but it actually turned out that we didn't.)
When we got to our seats we still had to wait about 15 to 30 minutes and then the show started.

It started with some little video of them, like an introduction and then the boys came on stage and started talking to the crowd.

They started the concert with "Up all night" and the crowd went absolutely wild.
Through the whole show there was an amazing mood in the stadium and people danced and screamed and even blew bubbles.
The boys answered Twitter questions and they even had a chocolate fight and they showed some really funny videos in the breaks.
I'll just add some pictures in here now because you can just see for yoursellf then. :)

 The stadium, it was huge and really full but you were able to see so good from every seat!
 The start of the show and the boys singing "Up all night"
 I can't remember what song this was but there are Louis and Liam...

... and Niall.

 They were flying through the stadium on this little stage onto another stage that was in the center of the place.

You did also have an amazing view of them on that stage ;)
In this picture they did answer Twitter questions...
 ...and just after that they started with "One way or another"
 Back on the central stage.. a picture of all of them and Niall playing the guitar.
 This was during "Teenage Dirtbag".
 Last song of the night..

 Last picture of the night!

I have to say that the boys of One Direcion are really talented and you could see that they also had a lot of fun doing the concert. I had an amazing time there and enjoyed it so much.

So if you are thinking of going to an One Direction concert I can only recommend it to you guys because you'll have so much fun while being there and you are  not going to regret it. :)

♥ Sara

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